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Group Benefits

All of our services can be offered as a group plan for your Company.  Do you own a business? Do you value your employees?  We can custom tailor all of these benefits into a group plan for you and your workers.   We offer 401 (k), Simple IRA, and SEP IRA’s for retirement plans.  We have group term life insurance to fulfill asset protection needs.  And finally, all of our voluntary benefits can be offered as a group for competitive rates.  All of these benefits add immeasurable value to your company.  Offering benefits like these ensure key person retainment with little or no cost to the company, while adding huge advantages to the financial success and protection of employees.

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Life Insurance

Through our insurance brokerage division we can help fit you with the optimal insurance portfolio for your needs. We partner with many innovative industry leaders that offer plenty of whole life, term life, and universal life options to be sure your family and legacy are protected.
voluntary benefits

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits can be a great fit for those who have large deductibles or a specified need. Benefits include; Disability Income, Dental Insurance, Accident Insurance, Cancer/Critical Illness Insurance, and Hospital Confinement/Medical Bridge Plans. These benefits can be the difference maker when disaster strikes.
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Health Insurance

With all of the confusion surrounding health insurance, we are proud to offer plans for those in need.  Call us today to learn what your options are. Stay protected for the ‘what-ifs’ and avoid the ‘no coverage’ penalty.

The Blue Value

Your credit score can have a huge impact on you financially. Is yours holding you back?
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